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New Property Tax Book

We are delighted to announce the launch today of the 20th edition of Taxcafeqqs most popular guide:

You can obtain a copy on our bookshop page on our website
How to Save Property Tax

by Carl Bayley
How to Save Property Tax is widely regarded as the tax bible for landlords and property investors.
Written in plain English with lots of examples, it contains pretty much every single tried and tested tax saving technique.
There have been some major tax changes in recent months and these are ALL fully covered in the latest edition.
Subjects covered include:
* Absolutely everything you can do to reduce your income tax bill.
* ...including full details of ALL the expenses you can claim.
* Everything you need to know about the big cut in mortgage tax relief, with lots of examples.
* Full details of the new stamp duty regime for both residential and non-residential property.
* New rules from July 2016 which mean some property capital gains may now be subject to income tax.
* Changes to capital gains tax rates applying from April 2016.
* Every tried and tested technique you can use to reduce capital gains tax.
* New detailed guidance on the benefits and pitfalls of transferring property to your spouse.
* Details of the new ‘replacement furniture relief’ which came into effect in April 2016.
* The latest guidance for landlords claiming motor expenses.
* Fully updated advice on changes to principal private residence relief.
* How using a property as your own home is still a very powerful tax planning tool, despite recent changes.
* How to use main residence elections to reduce the CGT on second homes.
* How to use your children to save £1,000s in capital gains tax.
* How changes to rent-a-room relief affect landlords.
* A fully updated summary for non-UK residents investing in UK property.
* Details of the new property income allowance and trading income allowance.
* Proposals forcing landlords to keep digital accounting records and make quarterly reports from 2018.
* Other proposed changes, including a possible new ‘cash basis’ for landlords.
* A brief look at the potential impact of Brexit on property taxation.

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