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Employment issues

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Company and Employment Legislation has generated a minefield of complications and problems and among the long list of matters on which we can advise include:-

  • to either side on settlements and sign compromise [compensation] agreements for employees

  • advice and representation of either employers or employees before Employment Tribunals in cases relating to unfair dismissal and selection for redundancy

  • the rights of employees following the sale of a business

  • the employment implications of selling or buying a business including TUPE arangements

  • employers on a variety of topics relating to their staff including working conditions, contracts of employment, redundancy, dismissal, equal pay and discrimination

  • draft employment contracts, Staff manuals and handbooks, and Employment, Environmental and Safety policies

Free initial advice on Settlement Agreements

You can telephone us for free initial advice to establish if we can help on the Settlement agreement which your employer has asked you to sign.

A Settlement agreement is a legal contract which, if you sign, means you give up any right to make any claims under employment laws against your former employer in the future. This includes unfair dismissal or unfair selection for redundancy. You will also give up rights which arise under your contract. In return your employer should make a severance payment to you.

Because of the significant rights that you give up these agreements are only valid if counter signed by a Settlement Agreement solicitor or other independent advisor such as Lionel Conner of our office. This is why your employer has asked you to see a lawyer and should be paying our fee. This is not generosity on their part. They are protecting their interests not yours. If they are not offering to pay, you should ask them to.

Provided that your employer is paying a fair amount for our countersigning your settlement agreement we will accept payment from them and not charge you. We may charge you for other services you ask us to provide but we will agree that with you first.

As well as countersigning your settlement agreement to make it valid we can advise on:
  • Whether your severance payment is fair;
  • Whether your severance payment will be taxable;
  • The timing and method of payment;
  • References;
  • Clauses in your settlement agreement that might restrict your ability to work in the future;
  • Clauses in your settlement agreement which require you to keep information confidential

Download: ACAS Code of Practise on Settlement Agreements 1.64Mb
Download: Acas changing TUPE arrangements 162Kb

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