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Lionel Conner LLB TEP   Ashley Picken BA MBA
Lionel Conner LLB  TEP Ashley Picken
  Maxine Morris  
  Maxine Morris 

We are a small team. In conveyancing your transaction will be dealt with by either Lionel Conner, Ashley Picken or John Fellows. Lionel and Ashley are solicitors of many years standing. John is a Licenced Conveyancer and chartered legal executive. Elaine Stretton is also an experienced member of the conveyancing team.

In probate matters the matter will be supervised by Lionel Conner and/or and in probate matters by Maxine Morris (qualified paralegal) or Elaine Stretton, who are both very experienced members of staff. If you instruct us, other members of staff may be allocated to work on your file and you will be advised of their identity.

In conveyancing our fees cover the work required to complete the purchase or sale of the property, including in purchases dealing with the registration at the land registry in dealing with the payment of stamp duty land tax or the land transaction tax in Wales.

The best method of getting an indication of our fees is to use our online quotation system. This will give you a full total of the fees chargeable including all searches and will let you know whether searches such as coal searches or brine searches are necessary. It can work that out from the postcode. You do not have to give personal information in order to use that although obviously we do need an email address in order to send the quotation to you.

It can also work out whether there are any additional expenses if you are purchasing or selling a leasehold property.

That quotation will include any disbursements, which are your payments to others. If you instruct us and do not use the online calculator, we will write to you with full confirmation of all the expenses and disbursements. We will normally handle the payment of disbursements on your behalf from funds provided.

In addition, there is a list of charges on our website available. If you want to check on stamp duty you can do so with the website.

The length of the transaction depends on the size of any chain, which tends to go at the speed of the slowest. You should anticipate that the average transaction will probably take about 8 weeks.

In any transaction we do not advise on capital gains tax liability and you should consider taking advice if you're selling a property that you do not live in.

On any transaction we will take your instructions and give you any initial advice that is required. We will check finances, receive and check on contract documentation on a purchase or obtain copies of deeds and generate contract documentation on a sale.

On a purchase:
  • - carry out searches and obtain planning documentation
  • - making enquiries of the seller's solicitors or answer enquiries of the buyer's solicitors
  • - check your mortgage
  • - arrange for final signatures
  • - arrange the completion date which is the date on which the transaction concludes
  • - exchange contracts and notify you that this has happened
  • - arrange for monies to be collected
  • - complete the transaction in a purchase, pay the stamp duty land tax, in a sale pay off your mortgage
  • - apply to the land registry to register you as the new owner purchase.

Our fees include all work required to complete the purchase or sale of your property and in the case of the sale would include paying off any mortgages in dealing with stamp duty. You will appreciate that this is not a complete description of the work that we do.

In probate matters, we can agree either to give you a full service in which case we would charge at the rate of £230 per hour (plus vat). That would normally involve us assembling details of the estate from information provided by you; completing an Inland Revenue tax return; paying inheritance tax (if necessary) and consulting with you on raising the funds to do so making the application to probate; corresponding with the persons or institutions who the deceased had investments with; collecting in assets; making any income tax returns (but we do not deal with capital gains tax and would expect you to allow us to instruct an accountant on that) and wind up and distributing the estate; paying all debts legacies and then sharing the money among the beneficiaries in accordance with the will or the law on intestacy.

Our fees depend on how many beneficiaries there are, what debts there may be and what other payments or distributions might need to be made. It's unlikely that our charges would be less than £2000 and might be considerably more depending on the complexity of the estate. We would be very happy to give you a personalised estimation if you contact the office

An alternative is that we may agree merely to apply for and get a grant which is a court order indicating that the persons nominated in it are entitled to administer the estate. In that case our fees would normally be £600 plus VAT, plus the court's fees.

In any probate matter court fees of £155 are required and the court also charge £1.50 fee for every copy of the grant which is supplied.

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